As “Jurassic World” rocks the box office, AwesomeStories shows how it can spark learning!

$115 million in the first weekend, says Variety!

Jurassic World image

How many students can it engage in learning, wondering, thinking about the science, history, the future?

This is a great story to explore with your kids or young friends this summer, it starts like this:

“What do you do when you want to boost visitor attendance to your dinosaur-dominated, Jurassic World theme park? Use DNA, from four different dinosaurs, and “in the Hammond lab” create something entirely new and fearsome.  Then … give the new creature a name which signifies its awesome power: Indominus rex. At least … that’s how the story theme works in the 2015 film “Jurassic World.”  So … let’s travel back in time, to the age of the dinosaurs, and meet the four interesting creatures whose DNA led to this new and ferocious predator:  RugopsCarnotaurusGiganotosaurus; and Majungasaurus.”

Check out our AwesomeStories June Newsletter for clues and read the newest chapter “Jurassic World and Indominus-Rex” in our “Jurassic Park” multichapter story for lots of science, critical thinking, STEM and history exploration.

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Enjoy the Summer!

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